Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google To Release OS

Looks like Google is jumping in further with a more robust OS for Netbooks in 2010 and later for notebooks, (laptops), gScreen will be anxious to test Google OS on our gScreen Spacebook and see how it performs in the dual-screen environment, it could be a winner.

Google To Release OS Aimed at Netbooks

Google is developing an operating system designed primarily for lightweight Web-based tasks, the company announced on Tuesday in a blog post.

The company is primarily marketing the OS, called Google Chrome OS, for low-cost laptop computers, or netbooks. However, it also says the OS can work for desktop computers, as well.

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Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS: -

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Anonymous said...

If the G400 isn't due until EOY, you may want to skip Vista and go straight to Win7. Save yourselves the headaches of worrying about multi-OS support (possibly ixnay installation of XP as well). Just a thought towards cost-cutting/saving...